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Addis Ababa, Mekele, Wukro, Axum, Debre Damo, Yeha, Shire, Debark, Gondar, Bahar Dar, Lalibela, Ziway, Arba Minch, Turmi, Dimeka, Jinka, Key Afer, Konso; coming from Hargeisa, Somaliland-Jijgga, Babile, Harar, Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa (800km by bus). Asosa, Gambela, Tiya; Gambela, Asosa, Hawassa, Shashemene, Goba, Melka Kunture


Addis Ababa My headquarter, Taitu Hotel (the first hotel in the city, constructed by the empress Taitu in 1905!), discover the Coffee culture in Piazza, meet "Lucy", our oldest (3,2 million years) direct ancestor ever discovered, in the National Museum. Beer Garden Inn, St.George Cathedral, Mekele EmperorJohannes IV palace, Debre Salam and Abraha Atsbeha monasteries, both in the Tigray region. Axum (UNESCO) Palace of the Queen of Sheba, Stelae fields of Axum, Pala Church of our Lady Mary of Zion (Ark of the Covenant, plus the oldest Ethiopian book, 1000 years old, the new church has a capacity for 3,000 people), Debre Damo monastery (open to male visitors only) perched on a flat top mountain (near the border with Eritrea) that visitors have to climb with a rope. Great Temple of the Moon in Yeha. Simien Mountains (UNESCO). Gondar: Fasil Ghebbi Palace, Debre Berhan Selassie Church (1694), Fasilidas Bath. Bahar Dar: Tissisat, the "great smoke" waterfalls of the Blue Nile) and first Portuguese stone bridge. Dek island in Lake Tana to visit the monasteries like Narga Selassie (constr. 1746), a bijoux of artwork in its churches. Lalibela: famous for its rock-cut underground churches (UNESCO), Bet Giyorgis the most photographed, Bet Emanuel, Bet Gabriel-Rafael, the villages remind me of the Pays Dogo in Mali. Southern Ethiopia Arba Minch visited the Crocodile Farms. Further south lie the villages of the Konso (UNESCO) tribe, like Woyto with a big traditional market. Also around Lake Stephanie and near Turmi many colorful tribes like the Hamer, Mursi and the smallest, but most belligerent folks in Omo valley, the Karo tribe in Murulle. Try to visit at least one village on its market day! Turmi is every Monday, Dimeka on Saturday. Jinka village has a bit of an infrastructure, also a new airport with flights from Addis Ababa, Mago National Park to the villages of the Mursi tribe with "lip plate ladies", Tsemay tribe in Key Afer, the market day is Thursay. Harar, the fortified city (UNESCO) with Arthur Rimbaud's House, the Chat market and Duke Gate, meeting with the Hyena men at night. Tiya stones (UNESCO) is an archaeological site that can be visited on a day trip from the capital, or on the way to the South as a side trip. Bale Mountains on a guided tour, Tulu Dimtu, at 4377 m, Ethiopia's second highest mountain. Hawassa has a pretty location on the lake. Danakil depression, fly to the town of Semera, and start tour there. One of the hottest places in the planet. But there are some lakes (Afrera) to cool down. The place where Lucy's skeleton was found is a UNESCO site, reachable only with a 4-wheel drive near Hadar.

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