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Togo Januar 2008


Thomas Büchler is a Swiss globetrotter and freelance photographer who is backpacking extensively around the world. On the 28th of September 2016, he arrived in Windhoek, Namibia and completed a 40 year epic journey to every single UN country on the globe. There are 193 at the moment.

Büchler is an active member of the following travel clubs :

1. (rank 14 with 1066 regions/territories visited, out of 1301)
2. (rank 35 with 738 MTP locations visited out of 1013)
3. (rank 19 with 1120 points)
4. (rank 9)
Büchler also specialises in visiting the UNESCO Worldheritage sites. (886 out of 1154)
He is an active member of the Dutch site
He has flown with 280 different airline companies with a total of more than 3,5 million kilometers flown, spending about 7 months of his life inside airplanes.
On top of that, he has done some spectacular overland trips :

1) Twice 1980 and 2020 the Transsiberian Train, 1980 from Lucerne, Switzerland to Beijing, about 12680 kilometers. 2020 in winter time, between Kazan and Vladiwostok, this time stopping in each single Russian oblast and Republic along the way.

2) 1994 by jeep from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandum Nepal via Shigatse, about 1000 kilometers

3) 2000 by public bus from Kigali, Rwanda to Dar es Sallam, Tanzania, about 1,500 kilometers

4) 2003 by shared taxi and public buses from Ushuaia, Argentina to Caracas, Venezuela. Crossing Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, about 16,000 kilometers on public transport.

5) 2004 from Kabul, Afghanistan to Khiva in Uzbekistan, taking the Hindukush tunnel, Mazar el Sharif, Kunduz, crossing into Tajikistan by boat over the Amu Darja river, then the Silkroad passing Samarkand, about 1,600 kilometers by public transport.

6) 2008 by train and public bus from Pjönyang, North Korea to Bangkok, Thailand, about 4,000 kilometes via China, Vietnam, Cambodia.

7) 2010 by motorbike and shared taxi from Harper (arriving from the Ivory Coast with a canoe over the border river Cavalla) to the capital Monrovia, via Fishtown, at the time after the civil war when Harper was cut off from the rest of Liberia, on terrible roads through the jungle.

8) 2010 by train, ferry, bus from Cairo, Egypt to Khartum, Sudan, about 2,250 kilometers.

9) 2015 by train and bus from Beijing, China to Bishkek, Kyrgistan via Lanzhou, Urumqui, Kashgar and the Torugart pass, about 6,000 kilometers.

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