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Teheran, Hamadan, Bisotun, Taq-e-Bostan, Kermanshah, Palangan (Uramat Valley), Khorramabad, Susa, Shushtar, Ahvaz, Behbahan, Borazjan, Bishapur, Farrashband, Firuzabad, Shiraz, Naghsh-e-Rostam, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Abadeh, Izadkhast, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan, Ardestan, Nain, Meybod, Yazd, Maymand, Shahdad (Lut desert), Rayen, Kerman, Bam, Jiroft, Shar-e Sokhte, Zabol, Nehbandan, Birjand, Mashad, Gorgan, Bastam, Shahrud, Damghan, Semnan, Firuzkun, Polur, Amol, Mahmud-Abad, Ramsar, Rasht, Masuleh, Ardabil, Sabalan volcano, Ahar, Babak castle, Norduz, Jolfa, Marand, Tabriz, Kandovan, Miyandoab, Takab, Zanjan, Soltaniye, Qazvin, Alamut.


Teheran Golestan Palace (UNESCO), National Jewelery Museum with the Peacock throne, crowns and crown jewels of the Shah (check opening hours, located inside the Central Bank building), Great Bazar, National Museum, Carpet Museum, Azadi Tower, Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini in the South of Teheran, Modern Tabiat Bridge with nearby Museum of Defense, Reza Abbasi Museum, Tajrish Bazar, Saadabad Palaces and Museums like the official state cars of the Shah. Milad Tower and Shopping Center for the best views over the city. Cable car to Tochal Hills. Hamadan Ali Sadr Caves to be visited by boat. Kermanshah Tekiyeh Maoveen ol-Molk with its unique tile work from the Qajar period, excursion to Taq-e Bostan, a great Sassanid relief cave on a lake. Nature lovers I recommend the Uramat Valley by car. Khorramabad Castle Falak-ol-Aflak, excursion to Kalhor/Gavmishan bridges, Pol-e Dokhtar, Bisheh waterfall, a bit hard to reach, but worthwile. Susa, Shushtar and Choga-Zanbil (all UNESCO) in Khuzestan province, a short drive north of the its capital Ahvaz, here is the Black Bridge of the Trans Iranian Railways over the Karun river. Bishapur massive rock reliefs for Sasanid king Shapur. Shiraz Arg-e- Karim Fortress, Vakil Bazar and Mosque, Hamam-e Vakil, Pars Museum, Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine, and gorgeous Nasr-ol-Molk Mosque. Persepolis (UNESCO) found by Darius I., huge archaeological site where the last Shah of Iran celebrated 1971 with 600 invited head of States the 2,500 anniversary of the Persian Empire, it was the biggest banquet recorded in history by Guinness Book of World Records! Naghsh-e Rostam (UNESCO) tombs with impressive reliefs. Pasargadae (UNESCO) most important monument is the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Isfahan (UNESCO) Meydan-e Imam Square is in my opinion together with the Red Square in Moscow the most beautiful square in the world. Plus the second largest after Tiananmen square in Beijing. Imam and Lotfullah Mosques, Ali-Qapu Palace, the great Bazar with Azadegan Cafe, Chehel-Sotun-Palace, Hotel Abbasi with its traditional tea house, Isfahan is famous for its great bridges (Khaju, Si-o-se Pol, Shahrestan), Seyed Mosque, Vank Cathedral in the Armenian quarter, Museum of Music, Flower Garden. Abyaneh Historical village, north of Isfahan. Kashan Mosque and Madrese Aqa Bozorg, rich Merchant Houses like Borujerdi or Tabatabai, also the Abbasian House, and the Hamam-e Soltan Mir Ahmad bathouse. Fin Persian Garden (UNESCO). Tepe Sialk is an ancient archaeological site nearby. Nain Jame Mosque (constr. 960), possible to visit carpet factories.Meybod Narin Qaleh fortress. Yazd (UNESCO) Jame Mosque, Water museum and Qanat, Meydan-e Amir Chaqmaq, Windtowers. Maymand (UNESCO) Historical cave village with original cave hostels. Kerman Bazar with Chaykhaneh Hamam-e Vakil teahouse, Jameh mosque, War museum Rayen citadel, BAM I was there less than a year before the earthquake (2003), and it was a jewel of a citadel, lots of ambiance, my favourite place in the souteast of Iran. My second visit 2019 was much less spectacular; yes, it has been reconstructed, but it was not the same, not at all. Lut desert (UNESCO), one of the hottest places on earth. Shahr-e Sokhte (UNESCO), the burnt city, 5200 years old, to see all, it's a long walk. Zabol nearby is Kuhe Khajeh, a scenic hill fortress in the middle of Helmand lake. Mashhad Imam Reza Shrine, Ferdowski Mausoleum. Bastam Sufi mausoleum of Bayazid. Ramsar Palace Museum, nearby cable car and excursion possible to Masuleh Historical village, passing Neor Lake (2500 meters) on the way to Ardabil Sheik Safi Shrine and Mausoleum, highly recommended. Jolfa St. Stefanus monastery (UNESCO Armenian Monastic Ensembles) where there is a border point with Nakhichevan. Tabriz Blue Mosque, Jame Mosque, Great Bazar (UNESCO), East-Azerbaijan Museum, excursion to Kandovan village. Takab Karaftu caves, Takht-e Soleiman (UNESCO), temple and archaeological site. Qazvin Alamut castle.

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