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Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Beit Guvrin, Mamshit, Masada, Ein Bokek, Be'er Sheva, Netanya, Haifa, Nazareth, Akko,


Jerusalem (UNESCO) Church of Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall, Israel Museum, Dome of the Rock, Damascus Gate, Via Dolorosa, King David's Tomb, Room of the Last Supper, Mount of Olives Tel Aviv great long sandy beaches, nighlife (in renovated hangars in the Old Port), museums, art galleries, old Bauhaus buildings like the Cinema hotel (UNESCO), Yarkon Park, Carmel Market, wander out to Old Jaffna and enjoy the Flee market. Caesarea Roman settlement complete with Amphitheatre and Bathhouse. Zichron Ya'acov cobblestone streets, wineries and fine food. Haifa Baha'i Gardens (UNESCO) Shrine of the Bab (limited access), great views, picknick at Dado beach. Akko (Acre UNESCO) seduces visitors with massif ramparts, narrow alleys, well preserved mosques and baths. Templars Crusader Tunnel, Souq, Akko Citadel. Masada (UNESCO) a desert plateau with sheer cliffs reached by cable car, it is a must-see-attraction (archaelogical, cultural, natural) and has great significance for Israelis not to surrender, sunrise is the best time! Ein Bokek the Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world, purify your body by floating in the salty sea, plus it is for free. Mamshit (UNESCO) best preserved among the Nabataean cities in the Negev desert, the other ones are Shivta and Avdat. Beit Guvrin (UNESCO) huge manmade caves, some where doves were raised for their eggs, Sidonian caves with beautiful murals, large Bell caves, the distances are huge, you need a car.

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