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Belgrad, Smederevo, Zemun, Novi Sad, Niš, Zaječar, Gamzigrad, Kruševac, Kraljevo, Usce, Novi Pazar, Čačak, Sjenica, Despotovac, Studenica, Mokra Gora, Ziča, Bac, Apatin


Belgrade Kalemegdan Citadel with its long history, it also houses the Military museum, and lovely Ruzica church&St. Petka chapel, , Knez Mihailova Street is Belgrade's commercial heart with historic buildings, and upmarket boutiques and at its southern end is Republic square with Prince Mihailo monument and the National Theatre that can be visited as well. Marshal Tito's Grave, National Assembly Building, Aviation museum near the airport, the National museum, Palace of Princess Ljubica, Sveti Marko church with pretty icons, Nikola Tesla museum, Sveti Save is the second largest Orthodox church in the world. Skadarlija is often compared to Montmartre, cobblestone alleyways with cozy restaurants and bars. The Belgrade seaside artificial island of Ada Ciganlija on the Sava river, very busy on a sunny summer day. Novi Sad the second largest city, capital of Vojvodinia province, with the Petrovaradin fortress, plus the Stari Grad with plenty of historic buildings, museums, art galleries, bars and restaurants. Gamzigrad-Romuliana UNESCO the palace of Roman emperor Galerius Niš with its Fortress and Tower of Skulls remembering the battle of Cegar anno 1809 where around 4,000 Serbian soldiers died against the Turkish army, the tower just contains 58 out of the 952 skulls. Studenica UNESCO is one of the richest Serb Orthodox monasteries with precious fresco paintings from the Byzantine epoque, founded 1183. Novi Pazar St. Peter UNESCO, the oldest church in Serbia, founded in the 4th century. Sopocani monastery UNESCO, built 1260, but set on fire by the Turks in 1689, but the frescos fortunately were not too much damaged, and restored later on. "The Assumption of the Virgin Mary" fresco is one of Serbia's most famous. Despotovac Manasija monastery with good frescos. Ziča monastery. Smederevo fortress, one of the largest in Europe, built 1430. Zemun great Iconostasis at Nikolajevska church, it has many good fish restaurants.

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