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Tunis, Carthage, Ben Guerdane, Houmt Souk, Guellala, Medenine, Tataouine, Ksar Ouled Soltane, Mareth, Gabès, Mahrès, Tyna, Sfax, Mahdia, El-Jem, Lamta, Monastir, Sousse, Kairouan, Takrouna, Hammamet, Hammam-Lif, Nabeul, Kerkouane, Kélibia, Soliman, Sidi Boud -Said, Testour, Dougga, Teboursouk, Sidi Smail, Béja, Mateur, Tinja, Bizerte, Tabarka


Tunis is a capital with two faces, European with Avenue Habib Bourguiba, its cafes, elegant hotels, and art-deco mansions, then the Arab side with souks, shishas and mosques, the border line is the gate Bab el-Bahr (Porte de France), Cathedrale Saint Vincent de Paul, Dar Othman Palace, Djammaa Ez-Zitouna Mosque of the Olive UNESCO, in fact the whole Medina is World Heritage, some 700 monuments in total. Bardo museum with great mosaics, Dar Lasram Palace, Souk, Zoo. Sidi Bou-Said just a short ride northeast of the capital, this sky blue and whitewashed tourist village is reminiscent of some Greek islands in the Aegeis. Kerkouane UNESCO ruins of a Punic town on beautiful Cap Bon, also in the vicinity is the Kélibia Fort. Carthage a place with a great history, capital of the Punic empire, then Roman headquarter in Africa, still many ruins and temples to admire including the "Thermes d'Antonin", one of the largest Roman wellness stations anywhere. Lac Ichkeul UNESCO important stopping-over point for seabirds, nice trails and a small eco-museum. Takrouna berber village with great view&friendly welcoming locals. Sousse UNESCO with its great historic Medina, the Grand Mosquée, Archaeological museum, Dar Essid museum, and the old Ribat citadel with panoramic views over the Medina. Monastir the great citadel fortress of Ribat, Port de Plaisance, but also the popular beaches. Mahdia Bordj el-Kebir fort for the views over the Medina, there is also a good museum. El Jem UNESCO has an colossal Roman amphitheatre that looks like brandnew, it has in fact never been used, the region is rich in olive trees. Kairouan UNESCO one of the Holy Cities of Islam (founded 670), with its impressive Grande Mosquée, the Basins of the Aghlabids, Mosque of the Three Gates, many carpet and pastery shops in the old Medina.Sfax one of most impressive Medinas with city walls of the 9th century and Grande Mosquée and authentic lively souk, Museum Dar Jallouli. Ksar Ouled Soltane fortified granary vaults with multi-story cellars similar to the ones in neighbouring Libya, the best preserved Roman ruins in Tunisia are to be found in the rather remote Dougga UNESCO with a huge Roman theatre, a Capitol, many great temples, bath houses and villas, all very impressive! Djerba famous for its beaches and dates, but there is more: Guellala museum, Synagoge la Ghriba (with a long history), and the Souk des Orvèvres with handmade silver jewelry.

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