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Tashkent, Samarkand, Shah-e Sende, Buchara, Alat, Urgench, Khiva, Khazarasp, Kamchik Pass 2267m, Kokand, Fergana


Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar (one of the biggest markets in Central Asia), Hotel Uzbekistan (great Soviet architecture, 450 rooms, I had a USD 25.- promo with breakfast!), Kukaldash mosque, Applied Arts museum, Amir Timur square, Alisher Navoi Opera, the gorgeous Metro stations, ruins of Kanka about 80km south Samarkand the Registan (the pearl of Samarkand), with Ulughbek (1417-20, climb the minarett), Schir-dar (Tiger House, 1611-36) and Tella-kari (gold covered) mosques all UNESCO, Gur-e Amir Palace mausoleum of the great Timur (1336-1405) of course a Persian architect, Bibi Khanym mosque, Siab market, Shah-e Sende (the living king) was the city of the death (necropolis) off limits to non muslims for long time, Buchara UNESCO Ark, old palace of the rulers, often destroyed and rebuilt, last time 1920 by the Red Army, Kalan mosque with the landmark Minarett of 1127 great view from the top, Medrese Mir-e Arab, Medrese Ulughbek, Lyabi Hauz Complex full of atmosphere with teahouses around a pool and with century old mulberry trees, Char Minar, Maghak-e Attari mosque one of the oldest in Central Asia 10th century and of the same period the Samanid Mausoleum, small but impressive Synagogue, carpet market. Khiva UNESCO Itchan Kala the great historic oasis town, last stop on the Silk road before the desert, a huge open air-museum, Allakuli Khan Medressa, Islam Khoja Minaret, Kaltaminor, Kuhha Ark the citadel and residence of the rulers since the 12th century, Juma mosque, Islom-Huja Medressa with Khiva's highest minaret 118 steps for great views, Tosh-Khovli Palace, Desert castles of Ancient Khorezm (8 in total) like Guldursun Kala, Topraq-Kala (best discovered with a camel).

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