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Luanda, Chipata, Mfuwe, South Luangwa NP, Lower Zambezi NP, Choma, Kalomo, Livingstone, Chirundu, Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Ndola, Sesheke, Kazungula, Simonga


Luanda the sprawling Soweto market, Munda Wanga Environmental Park, Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Blue Lagoon National Park. Livingstone Mosi O Tunya National Park (Smoke with Thunders) UNESCO better known under its Colonial name Victoria Falls is one of the mega highlights of Africa and the single biggest tourist attraction in Zambia. 110 meter high and 1800 meters wide, these falls have the largest volume of water worldwide (540 Million liters per minute), check out the "Boiling Point" with great view to the border bridge, and the "Devil's pool", probably the greatest natural pool in the world, what location is concerned, one has to cross the Zambezi river on foot, only possible during the dry season, there is many attractions here like helicopter rides, white water, abseiling, rafting, bungee jumping from the border bridge, canoeing, racing boats. National Museum, Crocodile Park, I still met "Mongoni" (the man eating croc!), don't leave without the experience of a "Sunset Cruise" on the Zambezi river, animal viewing, booze was included as well. South Luangwa National Park not huge, but with great wildlife including the endemic Thornicroft's giraffe or Luangwa giraffe, it was a wonderful experience, also night safari was organized. Copper Belt Region which is more than just cooper, the commercial epicenter is Ndola.

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